Scope Series

Putting the smallest parts of ourselves on display larger than life. The Scope Series explores the complexities and intricacies that is the majesty of Nature.

Four-piece collection of anatomy-inspired, up-close abstract artworks.

1. Bone

Graphic description of bone, not as something solid but quite hollow and empty, like space. Close up, what we believed to be substantial is in fact not much at all.

2. Fingerprint

Magnified painting of a fingerprint whorl. This pattern is a sign of great talent and genius. In a way, it is a portrait of someone special. The graphic effect enlarged is remarkable.

3. Cells

Interpretation of liver cells. Pictured like this, they look like Sufi dancers from above, halves of oranges, flowers. One of the many patterns that nature recycles throughout creation.

4. Dendrites

Up close and deeply personal with the creatures that run our brain and connect us up to the Universe and our body and our feelings. They are like lightning storms in space and so beautiful.