Ode to Monet – Original

Ode to Monet – Original

Recently I visited the Japanese Gardens in Toowoomba, Queensland. I strolled around in peace and serenity and onto a red arched bridge spanning part of the lake. Looking down I saw lily pads and beautiful occasional blossoms. I was reminded of Claude Monet’s “Waterlily” series. He also stood on his white arched bridge looking down at his compositions. He is a hero of mine pioneering the Impressionist style of painting. I was keen to capture my own Graphic Impressionist interpretation of this subject matter.

So, inspired by Monet I painted ‘Ode to Monet’. As I observed my subject matter with my artist’s eye I became taken with the way the whiteness of the waterlily became illuminated and radiant. Compared to its environment it became my focal point. I couldn’t look away. I was touched, moved and inspired by its beauty and poignancy. As I   was  leaving I was hoping I could capture that moment of ‘magic in the ordinary’ in my own painting. Have I?

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Acrylic on board