In just 6 short days, I will be on a plane headed for my first Hong Kong show. The buildup has been slow and steady. now that it’s just round the corner, I wonder if I’ve forgotten anything.

My social media Instagram and Facebook have been receiving lots of attention. My gallery is up to date and I’ve been doing lots of research on how to reach an international audience. It’s all a little confusing for this artist’s excited brain.

I am delighted with my promotional material back from the Print Rescue. The colour is delicious: 100% magenta and 50% cyan makes the most luscious purple. I will live into this colour and let it represent me to the world.

My newspaper publicity is out there, big thanks to Echo Publications and Byron Shire News. My community has been hugely generous in its support and wishing me well, as has my family and friends. Everyone is so excited for me. I get people stopping me in the streets and people hanging out of car windows to wish me good luck.

Free passes to give away

I have general admission passes to give away to the 15th Asia Contemporary Art Show but I don’t know anyone in Hong Kong to give them to. If you happen to stumble upon this post and you’re going to be in Hong Kong around 4-7 October then have a free pass.

What to wear and how to present myself is challenging for me because my usual modus operandi is comfort-driven and laid-back. My default setting is calm and happy. Hopefully, I will hold that frequency throughout this grand adventure. I have never been out of Australia so I’m looking forward to meeting other artists, trying out the food on Hong Kong and seeing what a foreign country looks like. Bring it on!