The Joy of Reproduction

The Joy of Reproduction

Canvas prints are having your cake and eating it too

Buying canvas reproductions for your living area takes the commitment out of choosing art. You get the original artwork that appeals to you, printed on white canvas, and stretchered. And you get it at a fraction of the price you would pay for the original.

You get something that’s beautiful, often smaller than the original and ready to be hung. What’s more, you can change it to suit your mood or season. They make an excellent splash of colour around the house and brighten up any decor.

Sure, nothing is quite like the original. The colours are vibrant, the size is substantial, the frame holds the painting’s space, commanding the attention of would-be viewers. But, the price of an original puts it out of reach of much of its appreciative audience. A canvas print gives you that feature piece for your wall while being kinder to your wallet. 

What about the quality of canvas reproductions?

Print reproduction technology is mature these days. It has come along way and across much of the industry, a high standard is maintained, comprising quality materials and construction techniques.The quality of reproduction is excellent. Colours are superbly matched to the original and nothing is lost in detail or intensity.

They are sealed to protect the surface and will live a long and meaningful life in your home, office or retreat. Modern, minimalist, making the image the hero, canvas reproductions is finished professionally and look great.

As an artist, Solveig keep her originals in safe, dry storage but she lives with canvas prints of her favourite paintings in her home and studio. There is no diminishment of the image as a canvas print. The quality and energetic play of the colours broadcasts as  effectively as the original and can be equally enjoyed.

Canvas prints allow you to add framing should you wish to match with specific decor. However, they are aesthetically pleasing left bare. Canvas is traditional way to showcase art. We are acclimated over centuries to associate canvas with masterful images. Right up to the present they suit any style or medium.

Solveig releases range of canvas prints

Solveig is a ground level artist. She lives the artist’s life mirroring her environment and society. Her choices have placed her in close and healing relationship with Nature. It is her hope that her images will find their way into many homes and places where people can surrender to the vibrational intention of her works and be soothed and relaxed.

To deliver on her intention, Solveig has released a range of canvas prints. Canvas reproductions serve as an accessible and affordable means for people to fill their living space with gentle energy and beneficial effect Solveig’s art evokes.

Solveig discusses art tips on hygge video for CIYL

Solveig discusses art tips on hygge video for CIYL

Following on from the success of Solveig’s first appearance on Colour in Your Life, Solveig has again appeared on the network with her hygge video. Solveig discusses the Scandinavian concept hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), which is all about comfort and coziness and coming home to warm loving friends and family.

Solveig’s name also Scandinavian and pronounced sool-way, means “sun’s path”. She feels a special resonance with her ancestors and their culture.

Read more about hygge and watch the video and be sure to let us know what you think.



Solveig sets us new art studio

Solveig sets us new art studio

Act of God deals devastation

Flood damage destroyed Solveig’s art studio in what has been some of the biggest flooding Mullumbimby has seen in decades. Solveig lost equipment and a number of irreplaceable works. At first, Solveig thought the damage was extreme, but as it dried out, far less damage than expected had actually occurred. Even so, Solveig was prompted.

Even though Solveig enjoyed her little studio in town, she wanted more. She wanted to go to the studio in the middle of the night or first thing when she woke up. But this meant driving 15 minutes into town. What Solveig really wanted was to go downstairs and continue working.

 This idea has been with Solveig her whole adult life. To simply be able to get up when the urge takes you, when the desire is there and the juices are flowing. But because of life’s restrictions and variations, and duties and responsibilities, Solveig has always felt compromised about her art versus her commitments.

How do you divide your time to allow both the creative and the domestic? Everything takes time and planning.

The early days

When Solveig was at Art College in the 70’s, she used to go around to the big converted warehouses around Darlinghurst and Paddington, and a lot of the so called popular artists of the day in Sydney. Artists of the ilk of Martin Sharpe and Ken Reinhard used to rent these wonderful studio warehouses with high ceilings and windows, and plenty of room above.

Such space allowed big works to be created, things like sails and creatively-challenging art. Such art was impossible to create and display on a small wall in a commercial or urban house. These studio spaces really gave their creative residents freedom.

This was the 70’s. This has nothing to do with way our society receives and supports art these days. But back then in Whitlam’s day, it was wide open to artists. They were valued. They felt that their contribution was as valid as anyone else’s. And because they were theatrical and creative and pushed the boundaries of design and conceptualisation, it was a golden age for artists.

The dream begins

Solveig was a student at the time looking at those beautiful spaces and dreaming of the studio that she would like to paint and work in. Dreaming of the circumstances where she could have a truly creative process in a space that was bespoke for her.

So instead of reinvesting in restoring the town studio, Solveig built a studio at her rural property near Mullumbimby. She is artist who could live her whole life happily in a studio.

She could spend days there in the creative space, custom designed  for her creative flow and activity at all hours with all sorts of media and materials.

The studio is not just setup for painting, not just set up for one application. But for all sorts of creative endeavours. She is able to work inside and outside with electrical equipment and tools, with mess and paint and mixed media.

She can create sculptures as well as paintings and self express fully as the full time artist she is. The artist that is completely determined to come out and not accept the compromise she may have in the past.

Time to call the builder

Her studio was planned – a very simple idea. And then she got her builder. Not your usual builder, he used to be a usual builder, but time and nature and his philosophy turned him into a whole other creature.

Solveig builder builds in his bare feet. He walks all over  everything as he works, jumping, squatting, panting. He works flat out, singing to himself, whistling a happy tune and out of all that activity, he created in front of Solveig’s eyes the perfect, most appropriate, most wonderful studio she could ever have imagined or wanted.

Solveig stands in her space, an atmosphere where she feel completely at home and at one with the process of her creativity. She works happily, whistling a tune creating art that reflects society and herself. She paints the beauty she wants to draw attention to, the natural beauty.

Now, rather than keeping her artwork small for a small space, she paints unlimited, unrestrained. She can paint and sculpt and go outside and erect my sculpture in situ in my environment. As an artist, all Solveig’s dreams have come true. 

Solveig releases 2016 Portraits calendar

Solveig releases 2016 Portraits calendar

Keen to kick off 2016 in style, local artist Solveig has released a portraits calendar of 12 iconic Mullumbimby characters.

Culminating two years of work across two collections Colourful Mullumbimbians and Beautiful Blondes, the calendar features comedian Mandy Nolan, actorvist Tony Barry, community champion Jeannette Martin, singer songwriter Rebecca Ireland and many more.

Solveig, who due to popular demand also appears in the calendar, says it was a pleasure to bring these colourful characters to a large format, full colour calendar.

“I wanted to celebrate my unique community and it’s been joyful work meeting, collaborating with, and painting these beautiful people.”

Jeannette Martin says she was honoured to be included in this “wonderful calendar”.

“It depicts some of the colourful people you may know or have seen around town who add so much to the creativity of Mullumbimby,” Jeannette says.

You can get your copy of the calendar for $25, which is available now at Mullumbimby Newsagency, the Bookshop, Mullum Mac, the Magic Pot (formerly Japunumop Noshery) and online at

Copies of the individual portraits and Solveig’s other works can also be purchased online.

Solveig features on Colour in Your Life

Solveig features on Colour in Your Life

Local artist Solveig couldn’t believe her ears when she heard that the television series ‘Colour in Your Life’ wanted to feature her as one of the artists on the series.

Solveig had approached the show following her well-received ‘Colourful Mullumbimbians’ exhibition earlier in the year.

The series, which has been running for a little more than four years, showcases Australian artists and is aired on 4ME and on more than forty stations in the United States.

Managing Director Graeme Stevenson says he chose to feature Solveig on ‘Colour in Your Life’ because of her distinctive style and because Solveig had already put a lot of work into her marketing through her website and promotional material.

“What we try and do in the whole process is find people that are different but can also work in partnership with us to build the platform,” Graeme says.

“As the system builds, they get more recognition and more sales. Somebody from Belgium or Ankansas could be phoning Solveig in the next 12 months.”

Solveig says the production was an amazing opportunity to reach audiences that she never would have been able to reach alone.

“I’m very excited about the larger audience and greater reach for putting my artwork out there,” Solveig says.

“It’s great to work with someone that sees so much potential for my work, who wants to put Australian artists in the international spotlight.”

Watch the episode below or catch it on 4ME at 8pm on Sunday, 2 November 2014.

“Colourful Mullumbimbians” exhibition shines

“Colourful Mullumbimbians” exhibition shines

More than 100 people turned out to see the launch of Solveig’s “Colourful Mullumbimbians” portrait exhibition at the Empire on Thursday night.

The exhibition, which celebrates our community through the colourful characters that call Mullumbimby home, was well-received with performer Dannidoo Butterfly the crowd favourite.

The other portraits were comedy queen Mandy Nolan, actor/activist Tony Barry, singer-songwriter Rebecca Ireland, hitch-hiking life coach Shanti Ananda and environmental campaigner Paul Brecht.

The sitters for each of the portraits were in attendance, except for Tony Barry who Skyped in during the evening to announce the winner of a Solveig signature print.

Solveig was delighted with how the night turned out.

“The exhibition was a culmination of a year’s work. It was such a delight to see all those people enjoying gift to the community,” Solveig said.

“Now it’s time to get back to the studio.”

Special thanks to the Empire for hosting the event and providing delicious food, the Courthouse Hotel in conjunction with Coopers and Tobacco Road for providing drinks, and Mullum Mac for their technology support and organisation of the event.


Solveig showcases colourful Mullumbimbians

Solveig showcases colourful Mullumbimbians

Local artist Solveig will unveil her most recent artworks at an upcoming portraits exhibition entitled “Colourful Mullumbimbians” at the Empire Cafe.

The exhibition, which kicks off Thursday, 20 March at 6pm, celebrates our community through the colourful characters that call Mullumbimby home.

Portraits on display include comedy queen Mandy Nolan, actor / activist Tony Barry, singer-songwriter Rebecca Ireland, hitch-hiking life coach Shanti Ananda, performance artist Dannidoo Butterfly and environmental campaigner Paul Brecht.

Solveig is excited to be bringing the artwork to the community and anticipates the collection will inspire a range of emotions from hilarity to empathy.

“It’s taken me a year to put this particular collection together. I feel like I know each of the characters intimately and I’m extremely proud these colourful people are a part of my community,” Solveig says.

Paul Brecht, who has been ‘captured’ by the artwork said he was privileged to be a part of the collection and in good company.

“The portrait was incredibly life-like and the result was a good partnership between artist and subject,” Paul says.

Mandy Nolan praised Solveig for her originality in approaching her portrait.

“The great thing about posing for Soveig is that she was interested in coming up with a portrait that showed who you were, not what you look like – photos can do that, and I believe a painting has the ability to tell so much more of a person’s story. I really feel she nailed that for me!” Mandy says.

Local businesses have rallied behind the exhibition with the Empire Cafe, the Courthouse Hotel and Mullum Mac all contributing their time and services to ensure the success of the exhibition.

Drinks and finger food will be served opening night and a canvas print autographed by the artist will be given away as a lucky door prize.

The exhibition will be on display for one month.

Solveig launches new website

Solveig launches new website

After much soul searching, collaboration of ideas, visiting the drawing board, re-visiting the drawing board and web development, Solveig’s new website is now live.

Check out Solveig’s complete catalogue in her online gallery. Keep up-to-date with news and events on Solveig’s blog. Purchase original artwork as well as prints, postcard and folded-card at the new Solveig Store. It’s the artist you know and love  with artwork bursting with vibrant colours, vivid contrast, all brought to life by Solveig’s graphic impressionist style.

Have a look around, leave your feedback and engage in Solveig’s social circle. We hope you enjoy the show.

Solveig exhibits at Northern Rivers Portrait Prize

Solveig exhibits at Northern Rivers Portrait Prize

Back in its fourth year, the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize is on again at the Lismore Regional Gallery and Solveig is a finalist.

Solveig has entered a portrait of local life coach and regular hitchhiker Shanti Ananda hoping to win the $10, 000 prize.

Kicking off on the 8 June until the 14 July, the Portrait Prize features 58 finalists and will be Judged by Philip Bacon of Philip Bacon Galleries Brisbane.

Solveig was thrilled to be a finalist given the quality of the talent.

“The portrait prize is a professional show of a high standard, I’m in the company of some very good artists,” Solveig said.

“The event is highly publicised and I’m looking forward to getting my work out into the public eye.”

Artists were requested to submit portraits of people they believe contributed to the community.

“I chose to paint Shanti because he is always trying to make people’s lives better by offering them guidance while hitching a lift,” Solveig said.


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