Local artist Solveig couldn’t believe her ears when she heard that the television series ‘Colour in Your Life’ wanted to feature her as one of the artists on the series.

Solveig had approached the show following her well-received ‘Colourful Mullumbimbians’ exhibition earlier in the year.

The series, which has been running for a little more than four years, showcases Australian artists and is aired on 4ME and on more than forty stations in the United States.

Managing Director Graeme Stevenson says he chose to feature Solveig on ‘Colour in Your Life’ because of her distinctive style and because Solveig had already put a lot of work into her marketing through her website and promotional material.

“What we try and do in the whole process is find people that are different but can also work in partnership with us to build the platform,” Graeme says.

“As the system builds, they get more recognition and more sales. Somebody from Belgium or Ankansas could be phoning Solveig in the next 12 months.”

Solveig says the production was an amazing opportunity to reach audiences that she never would have been able to reach alone.

“I’m very excited about the larger audience and greater reach for putting my artwork out there,” Solveig says.

“It’s great to work with someone that sees so much potential for my work, who wants to put Australian artists in the international spotlight.”

Watch the episode below or catch it on 4ME at 8pm on Sunday, 2 November 2014.