Local artist Solveig will unveil her most recent artworks at an upcoming portraits exhibition entitled “Colourful Mullumbimbians” at the Empire Cafe.

The exhibition, which kicks off Thursday, 20 March at 6pm, celebrates our community through the colourful characters that call Mullumbimby home.

Portraits on display include comedy queen Mandy Nolan, actor / activist Tony Barry, singer-songwriter Rebecca Ireland, hitch-hiking life coach Shanti Ananda, performance artist Dannidoo Butterfly and environmental campaigner Paul Brecht.

Solveig is excited to be bringing the artwork to the community and anticipates the collection will inspire a range of emotions from hilarity to empathy.

“It’s taken me a year to put this particular collection together. I feel like I know each of the characters intimately and I’m extremely proud these colourful people are a part of my community,” Solveig says.

Paul Brecht, who has been ‘captured’ by the artwork said he was privileged to be a part of the collection and in good company.

“The portrait was incredibly life-like and the result was a good partnership between artist and subject,” Paul says.

Mandy Nolan praised Solveig for her originality in approaching her portrait.

“The great thing about posing for Soveig is that she was interested in coming up with a portrait that showed who you were, not what you look like – photos can do that, and I believe a painting has the ability to tell so much more of a person’s story. I really feel she nailed that for me!” Mandy says.

Local businesses have rallied behind the exhibition with the Empire Cafe, the Courthouse Hotel and Mullum Mac all contributing their time and services to ensure the success of the exhibition.

Drinks and finger food will be served opening night and a canvas print autographed by the artist will be given away as a lucky door prize.

The exhibition will be on display for one month.