Canvas prints are having your cake and eating it too

Buying canvas reproductions for your living area takes the commitment out of choosing art. You get the original artwork that appeals to you, printed on white canvas, and stretchered. And you get it at a fraction of the price you would pay for the original.

You get something that’s beautiful, often smaller than the original and ready to be hung. What’s more, you can change it to suit your mood or season. They make an excellent splash of colour around the house and brighten up any decor.

Sure, nothing is quite like the original. The colours are vibrant, the size is substantial, the frame holds the painting’s space, commanding the attention of would-be viewers. But, the price of an original puts it out of reach of much of its appreciative audience. A canvas print gives you that feature piece for your wall while being kinder to your wallet. 

What about the quality of canvas reproductions?

Print reproduction technology is mature these days. It has come along way and across much of the industry, a high standard is maintained, comprising quality materials and construction techniques.The quality of reproduction is excellent. Colours are superbly matched to the original and nothing is lost in detail or intensity.

They are sealed to protect the surface and will live a long and meaningful life in your home, office or retreat. Modern, minimalist, making the image the hero, canvas reproductions is finished professionally and look great.

As an artist, Solveig keep her originals in safe, dry storage but she lives with canvas prints of her favourite paintings in her home and studio. There is no diminishment of the image as a canvas print. The quality and energetic play of the colours broadcasts as  effectively as the original and can be equally enjoyed.

Canvas prints allow you to add framing should you wish to match with specific decor. However, they are aesthetically pleasing left bare. Canvas is traditional way to showcase art. We are acclimated over centuries to associate canvas with masterful images. Right up to the present they suit any style or medium.

Solveig releases range of canvas prints

Solveig is a ground level artist. She lives the artist’s life mirroring her environment and society. Her choices have placed her in close and healing relationship with Nature. It is her hope that her images will find their way into many homes and places where people can surrender to the vibrational intention of her works and be soothed and relaxed.

To deliver on her intention, Solveig has released a range of canvas prints. Canvas reproductions serve as an accessible and affordable means for people to fill their living space with gentle energy and beneficial effect Solveig’s art evokes.